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adelgazamiento eficaz(non-registered)
adelgazamiento eficaz
craig beaver(non-registered)
Great photos of NZ. I never get tired of seeing pics from this country. I can't get over all the private gardens that are open to the public. Gardening is definitely a bigger pastime there than it is here. Love the waterfall!
Roxanne says hi.
Rebecca Prideaux(non-registered)
Beautiful tribute to an incredible woman who was my dear friend. Thank you
Colleen Shirley
What a wonderful tribute! Debbie would be honored. Of all your photos, I love the sunset over the sunflowers best. Continue to be inspired and follow your dreams.
Debbie Wilds(non-registered)
Your sunflowers entry is a beautiful tribute to Debbie and so wonderfully worded. I can indeed see her shining spirit flashing in that setting sun. Find peace, Thane, and continue to use your gift behind the camera. We look forward to more inspired creations from you.
Sean Beebe(non-registered)
Beautiful artistry. The beauty of our planet is so well captured in your photos. Keep up the wonderful work.
Tim Martz(non-registered)
I finally got to look at all your photos from your third trip to New Zealand......and man oh man does that get me pumped for travel. You capture splendor and majesty in nature, unique perspective on each place you visit or stay and enrich the experience with your notes on your photos. Thanks so much for sharing your craft.....delightful each time I visit your website!
Thane Rogers Photography
Thanks Robin, I appreciate your comment.
Robin Church(non-registered)
Man, you have an eye for capturing the beauty in nature. Stunning photos.
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