19.Colleen Shirley(non-registered)
I just went through every picture again and I'm astounded anew at the talent you have. So thankful God blessed you in this way. Thank you for sharing with us 'less gifted' people! :)
18.Tim Martz(non-registered)
Vancouver Island III - loved every photo and wish there were more! Each time I look at one of your post it makes we want to travel there and follow in your steps and see what you have seen and share in your experience. Great enjoyment in these photos - thanks for all your efforts to share through these fabulous photos!
17.Colleen Shirley(non-registered)
Thane, those photos are breathtaking! I think I'm going to have to make that a vacation destination in the next few years. I love how you captured the beauty of God's creation AND the humor in human lives (the husband waiting sign!). Thank you so much for sharing!
16.Tim Martz(non-registered)
What a wonderful travel log of trip and fantastic photos, especially the tree bark! I have got to make this trip and see these sites - just added to my "bucket list". Thanks for sharing the beauty - just awesome scenes and creatures!
15.Jack Wilson(non-registered)
WOW! Your sight is fantastic. I like the blog. You're a super photo artist. Sorry I hadn't been here sooner. I need to talk with you soon.
14.Thane Rogers Photography
Thank you, Alice.
13.Alice Schulte(non-registered)
Your photos are so interesting and fascinating really.
12.Colleen Shirley (CAS)(non-registered)
Your eye for detail and beauty can only be a gift from the Creator. I look forward to every posting!
11.Thane Rogers Photography
Thanks, Deb, glad you enjoy the photos.
10.Deb Wilds(non-registered)
We love to travel with you through your photos, Thane. Gorgeous as usual!
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