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Botanica is Wichita's premier botanical gardens. Since opening in 1987, Botanica has provided Wichita and surrounding communities a place to learn horticulture, experience nature, and attend cultural events.

To see flower & butterfly photos taken at Botanica please visit my "Plants" and "Butterflies & Crawlies" galleries.
Shakespearean Garden 5Botanica Illuminations 1Botanica Illuminations 3Cargill Children's Farm 1'Entwined'Fossil Wall'Granny Jean's Tree and Treehouse' 3'Mosquito Hawk' 1'Mosquito Hawk' 2'Granny Jean's Tree and Treehouse' 4Sunflower Plaza Fountain'Harvest Time'Tulips 1Botanical BenchPerennial BorderPerennial Border 2Botanica Illuminations 5Illuminations BarnIlluminations Fossil WallIlluminations Treehouse