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It has been a beautiful spring for irises this year. And perfect for photographing the blooms. Many cloudy or overcast mornings producing nice soft, even light. Much better than harsh sunlight which makes for high contrast. Botanica has several varieties of iris. Most of these are the familiar bearded German iris. There are also several beardless including Siberian, Japanese, Spuria, Milky and Roof Irises. Actually, all are located at Botanica except the first six Siberian 'Contrast In Styles' which are from my own plant in the backyard. It produced a prolific 48 blooms this spring.
01 Siberian Iris 'Contrast In Styles'02 Siberian Iris 'Contrast In Styles'03 Siberian Iris 'Contrast In Styles'04 Siberian Iris 'Contrast In Styles'05 Siberian Iris 'Contrast In Styles'06 Siberian Iris 'Contrast In Styles'07 'Xerxes'08 'Byzantine Ruby'09 Iris10 'Mood Ring'11 'Mood Ring'12 'Nouveau Riche'13 'Jurassic Park'14 Roof Iris, Iris tectorum15 Roof Iris, Iris tectorum16 Roof Iris, Iris tectorum17 'Fruited Plane'18 'Margin Call'19 'Revision'20 'Panjandrum'