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This is the first of two galleries containing photos from an April, 2015, trip to Texas. I had heard that the wildflower bloom, especially bluebonnets, can be spectacular. We thought this might be the year to go. I got a little discouraged last fall when I started doing some research. It seems the wildflower show had not been good over the last five years due to drought. However, by mid to late winter the optimism was growing among Texas locals. Winter had provided much needed moisture, setting the stage for abundant seed germination. I was finding it difficult to determine the week of peak bloom which varies year to year by 2 or 3 weeks. I chose our travel time based on the predictions of several bluebonnet sightings websites. Our timing could not have been any more perfect. The fields and roadsides were bursting with color as we drove west from Waco, then south to Fredericksburg. The reports were that the bluebonnets in the Ennis area were still a week away from peak bloom. Perfect, that would be exactly when we would make it to Ennis after traveling from Fredericksburg to Austin and back north. Clouds and occasional showers moved in by the time we were in the Ennis area but, that was fine since it seemed to intensify the color of the wildflowers.

Everywhere we visited, the local residents were saying it was the best wildflower show in 5 years, and maybe even 10 years. Guess we picked a good year to go.

This gallery displays the wildflowers west of Waco and then back to the east around Ennis.
Texas Bluebonnets 01Texas Bluebonnets 02Texas Bluebonnets 03Texas Bluebonnets 04Texas Paintbrush 01Texas Paintbrush 02Texas Wildflowers 01Texas Wildflowers 02Texas Wildflowers 03Coryell County CourthousePrairie Verbena 01Prairie Verbena 02Texas Bluebonnets 05Stiffstem FlaxTexas Groundsel 01Ranch Gate ArtTexas Wildflowers 04Texas Wildflowers 05Texas Wildflowers 06Texas Wildflowers 07