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This gallery features the Ohinetahi Garden. A private garden located on Governors Bay just 20 minutes from Christchurch. Ohinetahi is a formal garden and the most beautiful garden I have seen in New Zealand. We visited in the fall of 2013, about a month after closing for the winter. I just had to make it a point to return on this trip to see the garden in its spring splendor.

The first garden on this site was started in the 1850's by T H Potts, one of New Zealand's first botanists. The garden fell into disrepair after his death in 1888. The house was restored and the present garden started in 1977 by Sir Miles Warren and Pauline & John Trengrove. Sir Miles is one of New Zealand's premier architects, having designed several buildings in Christchurch.

The gallery ends with photos of the lupines blooming around Lake Tekapo.
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