Tim Martz(non-registered)
Thane, wish I could spend some time at Bernardo Waterfowl Management Area with you, although not sure I coiuld spend the entire day as you did. It has been many years since I have experienced these wonderful birds and you have stirred me to find a way for a trip to one of their gathering places again. Thanks for being so disciplined to capture these amazing shots of the beauty. So very special that you were able to have the entire day in solitude. Plan another trip and bring on more amazing photos!
Tim Martz(non-registered)
Thane, each time I get to view the photos, captions and read the description of one of your trips, then I want to make plans to go to this location. That is what I want to do after looking at the entry of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. Great photos and appreciate all the other wildlife, besides the snow geese and sandhill cranes, you captured and shared. Thank you for the time, energy and dedication you invest in your craft.....so very enjoyable!
Sr. Anne Marie Meadowcroft,ASC(non-registered)
Thank you so much for bringing some Spring beauty into my life. It was awesome to watch the pictures.
Tim Martz(non-registered)
Florida III - Great job Thane.......some remarkable photos...... and thanks for the photo captions and linked videos, really enriches the experience for me. Great variety of birds and lots of questions for you when we next get together. Keep exploring, keep shooting and keep sharing......earger to see and read about your next adventure!
Tim Martz(non-registered)
I just finished viewing the photos and reading about your recent trip to South Florida - Sarasota, just amazing beauty you so skillfully capture....love all of them but especially the trees , the roots of the Ficus macrophylla - I need to see these and hope to get back to Kauai to check them out....and the Spanish moss on the live oak trees. Amazing creatures that you encounter and spend so many hours of waiting to get just the right shot.....thank you! I really enjoy sharing these adventures with you vicariously....and hope someday to visit a few of these special places that you have experienced.
Timothy Martz(non-registered)
Thane, really enjoyed these photos from Florida since I was just there in September, but I've never seen many of these birds. You do a marvelous job of capturing these amazingly beautiful birds in a variety of "poses" and settings - great job! Thanks for sharing these and the very helpful notes on many of the photos. Great success on this trip and know you thoroughly enjoyed this....and can't wait to view the photos from your next adventure!
Great photos once again. I think the American Elm is my favorite.
Tim R Martz(non-registered)
New Zealand 2016 V - Thane, you wonderfully capture beauty of this amazing country in the gardens, plants, and scenery....just love looking at these and imaging what it would be like to travel to this far away place. Thanks so much for the descriptive captions that enrich the experience as I long to be in the places you and Debbie got to explore! Thanks for sharing and hope you are planning another adventure as I'm eager to see more photos!
As usual your pictures are beautiful with great detail. Love seeing the spring rainbow of colors.
Colleen Shirley
Yellowstone had not previously been on my bucket list, however these photos have changed that. Absolutely beautiful!!
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