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This photo gallery begins with more shots from my first 5 days in Grand Teton National Park and surrounding area. The storm 3 days before my arrival had deposited a blanket of wet snow that stuck to everything. Then I drove west out of Jackson, north through Idaho, into Montana to Bozeman, then dropped back south to Gardiner. This is definitely the long was around to get to Yellowstone Park but, it's the only option after 95% of the roads in Yellowstone are closed for the winter.

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046 Bull Elk047 Bull Elk048 Elk049 Bull Moose050 Bull Moose051 Bull Moose052 Bull Moose053 Bull Moose054 Bull Moose055 Grand Teton056 Grand Teton057 Grand Teton058 Gros Ventre Road059 Gros Ventre Road060 Gros Ventre River061 Gros Ventre Road062 Grand Teton063 Grand Teton064 Trumpeter Swans065 Snake River Valley