This gallery features my last few days in Yellowstone National Park before heading back south to finish my trip in the Grand Teton National Park area. I again visit the bighorn, elk, and pronghorn herds north of Gardiner, MT. I take a day trip east to Dubois, WY, to find the Whiskey Mountain bighorn herd. Then back to the Tetons for subzero, frosty mornings.
088 Coyote089 Coyote090 Bison091 Bison092 Mammoth Hot Springs093 Bison094 Lamar Valley095 Lamar Valley096 Absaroka Range097 Absaroka Range098 Bison099 Bison Tracks100 Pronghorn101 Pronghorn102 Bighorn103 Bighorn104 Bighorn105 Bighorn106 Elk107 Elk