I decided to take a fall color trip to Colorado. I can't believe I had never done it before. Colorado, like the rest of the west, had been in severe drought conditions for 10 years. I thought maybe the color won't be that great but, as I started to plan the trip, I was hearing this year may be better than it's been in several years because of the extra heavy snowfall over winter and there were some decent rains through the summer.

Most photographers online were saying the San Juan Mountains was the best place to go. So, I made the San Juan Mountains my destination.

This gallery features the scenery across Colorado from Crested Butte to Telluride.
001 Monarch Pass002 Crested Butte003 Crested Butte004 Crested Butte005 Crested Butte006 Crested Butte007 Crested Butte008 Crested Butte009 Crested Butte010 Kebler Pass Area011 Kebler Pass012 Ohio Pass013 Ohio Pass014 Ohio Pass015 Ohio Pass016 West of Kebler Pass017 Aspen Abstract018 West of Kebler Pass019 West of Kebler Pass020 West of Kebler Pass