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This final Florida gallery features the burrowing owls of the Brian Piccolo Sports Park near Hollywood, Florida. It also shows the the diverse species of birds nesting in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands near Delray Beach. this time of year. A place I had never visited but was my favorite location of the trip.
Burrowing Owl 10Burrowing Owl 11Burrowing Owl 12Burrowing Owl 13Burrowing Owl 14Wood Stork 2Wood Stork 3Wood Stork 4Wood Stork 5Wood Stork 6Wood Stork 7Anhinga 10Anhinga 11Anhinga 13Common Gallinule 2Common Gallinule 3Tricolored Heron 4Green Iguana 1Green Iguana 2Wood Stork 8