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My wife, Debbie, and I traveled to New Zealand in December, 2011. It was quite the adventure. We arrived on December 2, which is New Zealand's first day of summer. It's a long way from home (30 hours straight of airports and planes) but, well worth the trip. It may sound strange but, I wanted the timing of the trip to coincide with peak bloom of lavender and lupines. I was not disappointed. We are convinced that New Zealand is the most beautiful country on earth. Now, if they would just get this driving on the wrong side of the road corrected, it would be a lot easier to get around.

Please pull up a chair and take the time to view some spectacular sights. The photos are arranged in chronological order. We concentrated our two week stay only on the South Island and did not quite see all of it. We will just have to go back again and see the rest.
Akaroa, New Zealand 2Akaroa, New Zealand 3Akaroa, New Zealand 4Akaroa, New Zealand 5Summit Road 3Summit Road 2Kokopu Cottage 1Kokopu Cottage 2Kokopu Cottage 4Kokopu Cottage 8Red Deer Farm 2Red Deer Farm 3St David's Memorial Church 1St David's Memorial Church 2Sheep 1Church of the Good ShepardLupines 1Lupines 2Lake PukakiScotch Broom