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Wichita's botanical gardens, Botanica, closed to the public in March due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. This was just as over 63,000 tulips were about to burst into bloom. Sadly, the closure was to last until after tulip season was over. Botanica started "bringing the blooms to you" by posting some short videos of the tulip beds. You can see those videos here. This season has been one of the best for the tulips that I have seen in years. It's unfortunate that it coincided with the pandemic. I am doing my part in bringing you a sense of the spectacular color from this season through photographs.
Tulips 2Tulip 'Cosmopolitan'Tulip 'Cosmopolitan' 2Tulip 'Bright Parrot'Tulip 'Viking' 2Tulip 'Viking'Tulip 'Big Chief' 5Tulip 'Big Chief' 3Species TulipFlowering Crabapple 'Red Jade'Tulip Mix 'Blushing Lady', 'El Nino', 'Big Brother'Tulip Mix 'Blushing Lady', 'El Nino', 'Big Brother' 2Tulip 'Exotic Sun'Tulips 1Tulip 'Blushing Lady'Tulip 'Blushing Lady' 2Tulip 'Candy Apple Delight'Tulip 'Daydream'Tulip 'Daydream' 3Tulip 'Exotic Sun' 3