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The second photo gallery from our August/September 2014 trip to Vancouver Island features a couple of British Columbia's biggest trees, a look at some places along the west coast, and a castle in the Victoria area.

I have taken some time in researching information about the subjects in the photos, mostly to satisfy my curiosity. I hope it adds to your enjoyment while viewing the photos.
Harris Creek 1Harris Creek 2Harris Creek 3Harris Creek 4Harris Creek Spruce 1Harris Creek Spruce 2Harris Creek Spruce 3San Juan Spruce 1San Juan Spruce 2San Juan Spruce 3San Juan Spruce 4San Juan Spruce 5Strait of Juan de Fuca 1Strait of Juan de Fuca 2Point-No-Point 1Point-No-Point 2Point-No-Point 3Point-No-Point 4Steller's JayPoint-No-Point 5