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They say, "third time is a charm". It certainly was is this case. In November, 2016, my wife, Debbie, and I went back to New Zealand's South Island for our third visit. We spent most of the month there, visiting some new places as well as returning to some familiar places. I would say it was the most enjoyable and relaxing vacation ever. We visited some fantastic gardens, stayed in our favorite cottages, experienced the most beautiful scenery in the world, and did some "touristy" adventures not done on previous trips. More galleries to come.
Moke Lake 1Moke Lake 2Moke Lake 3Moke Lake 4Moke Lake 5Moke Lake 6Moke Lake 7Moke Lake 8Moke Lake 9Moke Lake 10Moke Lake 11Lake Wakatipu 1Paradise 1Paradise 2Paradise 3Skippers Canyon 1Skippers Canyon 2Skippers Canyon 3Skippers Canyon 4Skippers Canyon 5