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This gallery contains vintage photographs of employees, events and accomplishments from the Landscape and Forestry Division of the Wichita Parks and Recreation Department in Wichita, Kansas. The photos are from the 50's, 60's, & early 70's and were taken by various staff personnel.

I wanted to share these photographs that document a slice of Wichita's Parks and Recreation Department history; a rich history of the countless hours and hard work performed by many proud employees over the years. Their dedication shaped the landscape of the community, making Wichita a beautiful place to live.

I was proud to be part of the organization during my 37 year career, carrying on and maintaining the work accomplished by previous employees as represented in these photos.

The photos in this gallery are now available in my recently published book, available here.
001 Linwood Nursery 1935002 Storm Damage 1953003 Tree Removal 1955004 Tree Removal 1955005 Tree Removal 1955006 Tree Removal 1955007 John Firsching at Park Shops 1956008 John Firsching at Park Shops 1956009 Cottonwoods topped for removal 1957010 Ice Storm Damage 1957011 Linwood Nursery, Harold Moore 1958012 Airport Entrance 1958013 Forestry Crew with Chipper 1959014 Spraying for European Elm Scale 1960015 Linwood Nursery 1961016 Linwood Nursery 1962017 Linwood Nursery 60's018 Chipping Brush 1964019 Tree Trimming 1964020 Consulting With The Public 1964